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From thirteen different Coloring Books for Adults and Older Children, to eight wonderful Illustrated Picture Books for Children and six Young Adult Books for Tweens full of exciting adventures; there's something for everyone in your family!

Coloring Books (for Adults and Older Children) — HIDE

It's time to relax and relieve some stress with Elaine's coloring books!

All coloring books are printed on 60-pound smooth bright white offset paper.

In the Regular Edition, images are printed on BOTH sides of the page. In the Special Edition, images are printed on ONE SIDE of the page. If you prefer to color in the pictures with markers, you might choose to acquire the Special Edition. If you enjoy coloring in the pictures with color pencils or crayons, the Regular Edition might the right choice for you.

Either way, enjoy the fun as you bring these amazing hand-drawn pictures to life when coloring them in your way.

Mystical Mandalas Series — VIEW BOOKS

Elaine Arthur's Mystical Mandalas SeriesElaine's original hand-drawn, intricate mandalas will draw your eye inward, toward their centers. In this way, they join the ranks of mandalas that, for centuries, have helped many find peace and inspiration in their design.

Elaine's dazzling mandalas on pages with enthralling zentangle backgrounds will captivate your imagination, and challenge you to create breathtaking and vibrant kaleidoscopic effects as you color them in.

The Mystical Mandalas Series offers a total of 100 unique mandalas on 50 zentangle backgrounds. The zentangle backgrounds do not repeat within a volume. The Regular Edition is printed on an 8.5 by 8.5 presentation with one mandala per page. The Special Edition is printed on an 8.5 by 11 presentation with two mandalas per page, printed on one side of the page.

Elaine Arthur's Mystical Mandalas Coloring Book 1

Mystical Mandalas Coloring Book No. 1


BUY THE BOOK Images are printed on BOTH SIDES of the page.
BUY THE SPECIAL EDITIONImages are printed on ONE SIDE of the page.



Mandanimals Series — VIEW BOOKS

Elaine Arthur's Mandanimals SeriesNew, original, hand-drawn mandalas are now combined with majestic wildlife from around the world. Together, they create a fresh outlet that will help you find peace and inspiration in their design.

Elaine is the first to offer these unique presentations of exotic wildife and dazzling mandalas with enthralling zentangle backgrounds which will captivate your imagination, and challenge you to create breathtaking and vibrant kaleidoscopic effects as you color them in.

The Mandanimals Series offers a total of 60 exotic animals from around the world with 60 unique mandalas on 60 zentangle backgrounds. The striking animals have a unique mandala design as their background. So you may enjoy it in the Regular Edition, the hidden mandala is provided on the facing page and has a zentangle background. In the Special Edition, the mandala with its zentangle background are provided on the lower half of the same page. The Regular Edition is printed on an 8.5 by 8.5 presentation. The Special Edition is printed on an 8.5 by 11 presentation.

Elaine Arthur's Mandanimals Africa 1 Elaine Arthur's Mandanimals Africa 1 - back cover

Mandanimals Africa 1

The breathtaking African wildlife that you'll be able to find within this volume is: the lion, elephant, giraffe, leopard, rhinoceros, cheetah, zebra, gorilla, wild dog, and hippopotamus.


BUY THE BOOK Images are printed on BOTH SIDES of the page.
BUY THE SPECIAL EDITIONImages are printed on ONE SIDE of the page.



A Wonderful Escape Series — VIEW BOOKS

Elaine Arthur's Mandanimals SeriesInspired by nature, the Wonderful Escape Series brings together a variety of exotic and domestic animals for your enjoyment.

Both hand-drawn, in Volume 1, Tropical Paradise Wildlife, you'll find breathtaking, exotic creatures of the jungles. Volume 2, Remarkable Animal Friendships, focuses on incredible friendships between different species of animals, both large and small.

Both wild and domestic are ready for you to meet them and bring them to life as you fill them in with vibrant colors and create a masterpiece of your very own. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind abstract backgrounds, unique to this series.

The Wonderful Escape Series offers both the Regular and Special Editions. Both Editions are offered in 8.5 by 11 presentations. They are also offered in digital coloring guide books, in which you’ll be able to find the breathtaking pages of each book colored in. The guide books are meant to help you visualize what might be accomplished. They are both offered free throughout the year, so keep an eye out for those occasions!

Elaine Arthur's Tropical Paradise Wildlife

Tropical Paradise Wildlife (1)

The jungles of the tropics are teeming with majestic wildlife. Although tropical jungles might not even make up 6% of the world's forests, it is estimated that more than half of all animal species live within them!

In "Tropical Paradise Wildlife", mammals, birds and amphibians have been handpicked for your pleasure. Delight in the one-of-a-kind abstract backgrounds as you enjoy this wonderful escape while creatively coloring in the scenery with bright, lively colors that will bring to life these exceptional specimens.

Talk about your stress-reliever!

Get ideas on how to color it in with the guide. Read More

BUY THE BOOK Images are printed on BOTH SIDES of the page.
BUY THE SPECIAL EDITIONImages are printed on ONE SIDE of the page.
BUY THE GUIDEA colorful eBook with examples of what might be accomplished



Children's Books — Illustrated Picture Books — VIEW SERIES

Lyta Collection — VIEW BOOKS

Elaine Arthur's Lyta CollectionElaine's children's books will warm your heart with stories about friendships, childhood, old wive's tales and responsibility.

Enjoy these wonderful rhyming stories with your children and watch them delight as they discover the characters within.

These endearing, original, hand-drawn books are printed in LARGE text.

Elaine Arthur's Birdie's Search for Hippo
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Birdie's Search for Hippo

An Illustrated Picture Book

This charming story is all about friendship.

A little bird is looking for his friend the hippopotamus.

He searches all over the jungle, coming across different animals along the way; and asks each if he or she might be able to help him find his friend.

As the day progresses and no one is able to help him, he grows discouraged... where could his friend be?




The Pups Series HIDE

Elaine Arthur's The Pups SeriesFall in love with these cute pups!

Here to celebrate Earth Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas with you and your family, the Pups are always happy to make new friends and learn new things!

These charming, original, hand-drawn books are printed in LARGE text.

Elaine Arthur's Leaf, the Earth Day Pup
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Leaf, The Earth Day Pup

An Illustrated Picture Book

When the pups decide to spend the day at the river, they're shocked to find it full of trash!

There, they meet Leaf and do not hesitate to lend a helping paw to set things straight.

You will adore this delightful story about taking care of the Earth, and how important it is that we each do our part.




Young Adult (Tween) Books — VIEW SERIES

Elaine offers a fun variety of books for young adults. Her three series are Emerald Tower, Call Me Alexander, and Into the Woods.

Elaine Arthur's Emerald Tower SeriesIn Emerald Tower you will meet and fall in love with Meriani, the young heroine who strives against all odds to stay alive in a far-away fantasy world.

Her life will depend on her ability to trust; but, can she really trust everyone she comes across?

She will also need to learn new skills in order to survive; or risk losing it all in her carelessness.

Elaine Arthur's Call Me Alexander SeriesIn Call Me Alexander, Alex has a strange, baffling gift that he must learn to use in order to help those around him.

But, does he really want others to know what it is that he can do?

Are his friends interested in what they can get out of him; or, will they stay true even if he's just another ordinary kid?

In Into the Woods, Adelina is a young fairy who lives in Jessica's family's woods. A bit stubborn, Adelina is quick to break fairy rules in order to bring Jessica's friendship into her life. But, is this only a dream fabricated by Jessica's active imagination; or, did she really make friends with a real life fairy?

Book 2 is expected to be released during the first part of next year.

Emerald Tower Series — VIEW BOOKS

Elaine Arthur's The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

When nine-year-old Meriani learns about an invading army heading towards their small village, she fears what will happen. Everyone is scared! Knowing that the men have gone to the temple to try and find a solution, she can't resist the temptation to go eavesdrop. Although she is not allowed in the sanctuary, she is able to hide in the balcony above, from where she can hear what is happening.

To her shock, Arnekus, the priest, chooses only a handful of men to go face the large invading forces; and, among them is her father! Her fears subside only a little when she not only hears Arnekus promise them victory; but also when her father pledges a sacrifice upon returning triumphant from the battle. Her heart is comforted that he will return because, if nothing else, she knows he must come back to fulfill his promise. But Meriani's elation of his homecoming will dwindle quickly once she learns that what he has pledged to sacrifice is her!




Call Me Alexander Series — VIEW BOOKS

Elaine Arthur's Alex and the Prince

Alex and the Prince

When eleven-year-old Alex misses his curfew, he gets grounded and is unable to go back to the woods, where he loves to spend his free time. That very night, much to his delight, his active mind takes him to his favorite place in the world, through his dreams. They might seem like ordinary dreams, and many times Alex won't give them a second thought.

However, if there is one thing that Alex and those closest to him will soon discover it is that his dreams are not something that anyone should ignore. Little does he know that those special dreams of his beloved woods will give him the clues he will need and show him the path to follow in order to rescue his friend when she suddenly goes missing!




Into the Woods Series

Elaine Arthur's Adelina's New Friend

Adelina's New Friend

When nine-year-old Jessica goes into the woods to play, the last thing she expects to find is a strange-looking birdhouse on the forest's floor. After setting it down carefully on the trunk of a fallen tree and admiring it, she decides to share her discovery with her mother. Jessica is shocked and surprised to find the little house missing when she brings her mother to look at it!

Where did it go? Who moved it? Her mother isn't too sure the little house is a birdhouse at all and asks Jessica if she thinks it might not be a fairy house after all. Jessica's eyes widen in surprise at the suggestion: A fairy house? In their woods? She doesn't know, but she can't wait to find out!


When Adelina's new house tumbles to the ground out of the treetops after a storm, she can't wait to get it back up into the safety of the trees once again. But the house is too heavy and it will take a couple of nights before she and her friends can manage to carry it up into a tree. As she tries to think of a way to speed up the process, the young human child gives her an idea. Adelina knows that fairies aren't supposed to speak to humans; but how can she pass up the opportunity?